Toxins in Our World

I read an interesting article in Nation of Change by Jonathan Benson about toxins in foods we consider otherwise healthy and natural:


This started me thinking about all the sources of toxins in our world.  There are mind boggling amounts of toxins in the atmosphere which drop down to earth even in pristine and beautiful Idaho...  We eat what we think are healthy foods, and certainly pay a premium for them, but check out Jonathan Benson's artice: he sheds some light onto the reality of the corporate giants who control our food.


I remembered the NCD, Natural Cellular Defense, which my friend (and dressage coach extraordinare) Mary Kimball gave me two years ago and decided it's time to revisit that.  It's a clear tasteless liquid, which you drip right from the bottle onto your tongue or into a glass of water.  I did a tremendous amount of research into its chemistry.  Okay, I can't help myself, I needed to figure out if there was scientific basis to all this plus it was fun. I got to remember why i decided to major in Chemistry way back when. 


It's actually very simple, it's a mineral which formed  into a cage structure and has a negative charge.  The company cooks the bejesus out of it and removes all the positive charged stuff caught in the cage when it was mined,  grinds it up and suspends it in pure water. Now it's ready to take up new postively charged compounds and atoms again.  Here's a link to Mary's website if you want to read more:


As it turns out many of the damaging molecules and atoms have a positive charge so they are attracted to the NCD.  Heavy metals are called that because they are big, and they are held by the cage to be eliminated in urine, tears and sweat.  Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium and Mercury are selectively bound,  leaving good minerals we need, the little ones like Calcium and Potassium, alone.  It's a beautiful thing.


It also picks up long chain hydrocarbons, binds them and removes them too, along with virus particles, so it reduces the chances those particles will reassemble into viable virusus.   I haven't had a cold sore once since starting to use the NCD Mary gave me.


As a dentist, my life was very involved with Mercury in the Amalgams I removed all day long.  One way Mercury harms you is due to the fact that it's strongly positively charged so it can get into a key molecule and replace hydrogen.  That molecule, ATP (remember the Krebs cycle?)  is used to store and release energy when it's broken apart. The mercury holds the molecule together too strongly and you can't access your stored energy because the molecule doesn't break down properly.  I know this isn't 'scientific' but i found a HUGE increase in energy when I started taking the NCD, which I attributed to the volume of mercury I most likely accumulated taking out all those amalgam fillings.  Masks, gloves, suction, etc notwithstanding.... 


After reading up on the latest shenanigans with Monsanto, it makes sense to me to re-up on the Natural Cellular Defense (NCD).  It's easy to use and not expensive.  The scientist in me is convinced that it works.   And of course you want to be sure not to take with other medications as it may reduce their efficacy,  so check with your physician.


Here's that link again:



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