Homemade Heat Pads for Kids


Boise parents are great at helping their children stay healthy and safe.  We  found this little project which the kids can make themselves and wanted to share this idea with parents: homemade heat packs. These easy-to-make heat packs are great for growing pains, sore muscles, or just some extra coziness at bedtime.

To start, you could go to any fabric store in the Twin Falls, Ketchum, or Sun Valley area and choose some fabric, or you can use an old t-shirt, fabric scraps, or a sock you have lying around. I keep fabric from old clothes I really liked and am always glad when I can reuse it.  Cut two layers of the fabric one inch bigger than the desired size of the heat pack you would like for your child. A long rectangular shape is usually best.

Next, starting with one of the long sides, sew along the edges making sure to leave room for the seam allowance. Leave one short end open and fill the bag 2/3 full of rice. You can add a few drops of essential oil or herbs (these can be found at most Bellevue natural food stores) to give the heat pack a pleasant odor for your child. Tie the bag off at the open end with some cotton string, or stitch it shut, and you're done!

When your ready to use it, be safe by only heating it in the microwave for one minute. Check to see if it's warm enough, then add time in short increments from there. If your kids prefer a cold pack in the summer, these bags can go in the freezer to chill for a spell.

If you want to get extra fancy the fabric store would have interesting trimmings to add. But remember to avoid ribbons that have metal wire in them.

Healthy, happy kids and their parents can be comfortable all year long with these quick and easy heat packs!

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