Times Square Olympic Celebration

US Olympic Committee throws a Huge Party in Times Square to Celebrate 100 Days to the London 2012 Olympic Games!!

Performance Artist: Quick Fun and got us all dancing!

performance artist
He's just starting

The festivities started off with speeches by the CEO of USOC, Scott Blackmon, and then the announcement by Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Baird about the Raise the Flag program (very cool, more on that later)...  


This amazing performance artist was the first entertainment,   He had a DJ with very driviing music and he painted to the music.  Cool shades, paint spattered jeans,  dancing and painting at once...


Definitely not his first rodeo...  paint spattered everywhere!!!

But check out the painting he made!

Here's a photo of some progress.  We got to stand right in front of the stage in front of the media with all the US Olympians who were there.

performance Artist in Times Square
Almost done!


This whole thing took maybe 10 minutes and definitely got us all dancing!

Times square Painting
Times Square finished Painting

The last picture I took before the 1948 Olympians were honored.

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