USOC Celebration in Times Square

1948 Olympians Honored: LOTS of Gold up there on that stage!

1948 Olympians Honored
1948 Olympians Honored in Times Square

Legends and Icons:  what a moment! 

On the far left is our friend Dr. Sammy Lee,  Diving gold medals in 1948 and again in 1952, plus a Bronze in 1948.  Sammy has coached many gold medal Divers including another good friend Pat McCormick.  Pat has helped to organize several Olympic reunions, where we got to meet legends such as Sammy. He is hilarious and sharp as a tack,  and we love him! It was so wonderful to see him honored!

1948 Olympians in Times Square
1948 Olympians Honored

Second from the left is Alice Coachman,  the first African American woman to win an Olympic gold medal,  in the high jump!  


Then we have Mal Whitfield,  who won two golds in 1948, one in the 800 and the other in the 4 x 4 relay.  He also won a Bronze Medal in the 400.  Then, in 1952 he repeated and won another Gold medal in the 800m.  He held two world records in the 880 as well.  


On the far right is Ray Lump,  Gold Medal in Basketball.  Ray brought his medal for everybody to admire and we got to catch up with him later at the New York Athletic Club, where he was Athletic Director for many years.


The host was John Nabor,  who always does a fabulous job.  John has a few Golds to his name too, 4 Gold Medals and a Silver, in Swimming.

Dick Fosbury & Alice Coachman
Dick and Alice

Alice Coachman won her 1948 Gold Medal in High Jump, and Dick had the honor of inducting Alice into the US Olympic Hall of Fame a few years ago. Alice couldn't make it to Chicago for the induction ceremony, so her daughter accepted on her behalf. 

How wonderful that 90 year old Alice came to New York, and Dick was able to meet her!  Luckily I recognized her daughter in the crowd and we got to take this great picture:  the Olympians were presented with 1948 American flags,  embroidered with their names,  in beautiful triangular cases.  Here Dick and Alice are chatting about the High Jump!  What a special moment!

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