Ben stands 17-2 hands and is a Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred cross
Dick and his horse Ben.

Dick Fosbury will work hard to represent your values at the Idaho Legislature by:

  • Working for policies that attract and retain businesses that pay good wages and raise Idaho's family incomes from last in the nation;
  • Working to restore funding to Idaho's education system so Idaho's children have the opportunity for bright futures and so businesses have the workforce they need to prosper and pay good wages;
  • Protecting access to Idaho's public lands and our unique quality of life. Idaho is not for sale to anyone.


Dick has 3 Camps for High School athletes and also gives High Jump Clinics throughout the year.
Dick at one of his Track Camps with High School Athletes


Here in District 26,  Dick will work for issues important to us!

We need to create job-training partnerships between schools like CSI and companies in Idaho, like Chobani and CSI's partnership.
Our children must be able to complete college and technical credits while still in high school and teachers must receive the training they need to keep up with changes in technology.

Once funded, schools must deliver winning student outcomes and the state must hold them accountable.
In our District,  tourism is an important part of the economy and tourism on public lands plays a huge role. Our public lands must stay in public hands.

Dick Fosbury challenges Idaho to             Raise the Bar
Dick Fosbury challenges Idaho to Raise the Bar

Dick Fosbury is an Olympic champion with an honest work ethic, he pleges he will work hard for you. 

Invest in Idaho - it’s time to Raise The Bar! 

The Fosbury Flop

Dick & Robin Fosbury


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"The Fosbury Flop"

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