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ART OF THE OLYMPIANS: Al Oerter, Dick's 1968 teammate, won 4 consecutive Gold Medals: in 56 Melbourne,  60 Rome, 64 Tokyo and 68 Mexico City. His vision for the Art of the Olympians Museum and Al Oerter Center of Excellence has become a reality in Ft Myers Florida, USA. Bob Beamon, another of Dick's 1968 team mates, is the CEO of Art of the Olympians.

THE SIMPLOT GAMES: Dick serves as the Honorary Chairman of the premiere high school indoor event in the country.  Over 2000 young athletes gather in Pocatello Idaho each February and Dick invites some of his Olympian friends to inspire everyone to do their best. 

TOMMIE SMITH: Tommie is famous for winning Gold in the 200M in 1968, and for the gesture he made with John Carlos on the Podium in Mexico City. Tommie has Walked the Walk ever since. He hosts The Tommie Smith Youth Track Meets and continues the campaign for civil rights started in 1968.



Panini Trading Cards: Coming soon, the Americana collection for the London 2012 Games.




Dick wore adidas shoes in 1968 when he won gold in the high jump.  A 40 year relationship was born way back then with a friendship between Dick and Adi Dassler.  Dick continues to wear and train in adidas still; his original jump shoes  which adidas designed for him for the Games are in  Adidas Headquarters in Herzogenaurach Germany. 



Running Strong Billy's Charity

BILLY MILLS won the 10,000 in Tokyo in one of the most exciting finishes ever!  We've got a link here to Billy's organization,  Running Strong, to help Native American Youth.  Billy is a stellar person as well as one of the greatest runners of all time.  Click Here to view the video of the last lap!

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